The Challenge:
Kelly's Global Supplier Network was cumbersome and not intuitive, leading to unfavorable user sentiment. They needed an overhaul of the system to make it easier to navigate and more user friendly. It also needed to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.
My role:
My task included user interviews, stakeholder interviews, content strategy and UI design. The project had to work inside the Salesforce Lightning environment as well and I supported the team with front-end development.
UI elements were designed using Figma
One of the biggest changes made was when a user is adding the skills and capabilities they offer to the database. With over 130 items one can select, we had to break it down into multiple steps. This greatly enhanced the user experience and encouraged the user to fill it out more accurately.

Using a tab system and an alphabet menu, we made the experience of choosing a region much easier for the user.

Instead of a table with 30+ rows and 20 columns of checkboxes to select, we enhanced the user experience by breaking the process down into steps and leading the user through to completion. The side-by-side cards allow the user to select the relevant data and see what was selected before proceeding - greatly reducing errors.

The Outcome:
The stakeholders of the product were very pleased with the results of the design and implementation of Salesforce Lightning. Unfortunately, the project was tabled due to budget and has not been released at this time.
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